Random: “Conduct”

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Conduct: 1) to direct the course of, manage or control; 2) to lead or guide; 3) to serve as a medium for conveying; 3) to act as a conductor.


The Piano Playing, Drum Whopping, duet conducted by A Very Well Composed Lion
Only $5 for this set of 3 cards.  Kind of cute, reminds me of some artist that my mom used to get cards and notepads with her work printed on them.  Terrible grammar, and I don’t care.

So when I found this at first I was totally confused.  What the hell is it?  Is it a travel case for OCD electronic freaks?  Or is it a way of inserting battery power into toys or other products?  The description is pretty technical and I’m sure makes sense to electricians but I was at a loss.  Then I noticed another product by this same seller, called a “Bead Tilt Sensor Kit” which looks like this:

This really didn’t clarify the situation one bit.  What the fuck is it?  Seriously, take just 30 seconds to figure out at least one or two things this could be (besides ugly jewelry).  In the description for this product there is a link to the seller’s website; I figured I would be able to find out exactly what the hell this was all about.

Three links into the website later I have discovered Kobakant DIY Wearable Technology, which is a subpage of the Kobakant site, which is part art, part gaming, part dance, part technology and all fascinating.

This was the most surprising of my search results, and I realized that I’m still the big nerd I was in high school, which disturbs and comforts me in equally horrifying amounts.

Google Images

Artur Golacki

The Honda Asimo.  Robot technology.  Engadget has some cool articles.



Interesting images

This week: square images with a surreal quality.

They look like aliens or something…quite freaky.


Fuzzy lights in a rainy window are some of my favorite things.  Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…


Truly gorgeous macro photography.


Random Google Searches: Pumpkin

Every so often I put a seemingly normal word into the Google image search and I get a really interesting array of results.  This is one of those posts.

Search term: pumpkin

Pardon my French, but that’s a big fucking pumpkin.

This makes me giggle.  And also think of these and this in particular.


This is a real meat patty.  Its insane!  Nice work on the pumpkin seeds though.

This was a contestant in a pumpkin carving contest.  Something pithy about art and temporary mediums might have occurred to me a few years ago, but now I just look at it and think, “How the hell do they have that much time on their hands?  They must not have kids.”

Drunken Pumpkins

I particularly like the reuse of the pumpkin innards.  I’m starting to think of more disturbing uses for them now…

One wonders how the tip those bottles into their mouths without opposable thumbs.  Or hands.

And to leave you on an even more disturbing note, here’s a weird video from YouTube about Humpkin the gay pumpkin.  He’s also an alcoholic.  If you’re offended, be sure to take it personally.


Another blog about a kid


The difference is, its probably the only way most of you will have to keep up with her.  I’m going to start doing this weekly, and try to go up from there.  If you READ it and COMMENT on things, then I might be encouraged to do more with it.  You never know.

As most of the people who would be reading this will already know, I never wanted to have kids.  Despite this firm belief that I would never reproduce and oral contraceptives to reinforce that faith, I got pregnant anyway.  Its really my mother’s fault; she always wanted me to have a grandchild for her, and she finally got her nefarious way.  Oh, it’s also her fault that she’s a girl.  That’s right, I put it in writing.  HER FAULT.  Go ahead, try to argue with me.

Anywho, we’re coming up on Kori Lynn’s first birthday, which is really surreal to me.  Thank God the little brats, er, darlings don’t really separate different days like they will in a few years.  I think that’s the only saving grace about this period of time.

I spent the majority of the day running around jumping through various governmental administrative hoops, which was ever so much fun.  Then we went to Toys-R-Us.  With Kori.  For two hours.  It was also her first time with shoes on, walking around.  She didn’t like them, and constantly ran away from me and mom because, I can only assume, we’re the horrible people that put these terrible things on her feet, and so if she ran to another adult she can totally get them to remove them for her, please?

First, putting shoes on this kid is kind of like trying to strap C4 to a struggling cat: its dangerous, not very fun, and someone is bound to get hurt.  She acts as if you’re trying to murder her, arching her back, screaming, kicking, twisting; it’s a nightmare.  So after the long, long struggle to put the shoes on her, she spent a good five minutes trying to scrape them off, then finally stood with them on.  She started stomping around, angrily, but then got a little happy when she realized that stomping on the floor is fun, and these things on her feet don’t make her heels sting when she puts the full force of her baby anger into her stomps.  She still didn’t like it though, and kept running away from me and my mom at every opportunity and cried if we picked her up.  It was hilarious, for the first 3 minutes.  Then the next 27 were unbearable.  Their low center of gravity must account for the surprising speed in the human offspring, because I don’t think that even in my prime I could ever have pulled off those speeds.

After putting nearly ever toy in her reach in her mouth, running from us, and screaming at the top of her lungs in a mixture of anger and happiness (which is something I notice kids do a lot…), she finally calmed down when we got into the truck, out on the street, then to the highway.  Well, a little bit down the highway…ok, she screamed almost the entire way home, and that’s a long fucking drive.  God I’ll be glad when crying and screaming aren’t her primary means of communication.  By then of course she’ll be married and on her own…


Windows Live Writer

Trying out this new (to me) program called Windows Live Writer that is basically a blog writing program that’s free, easy to use, and modular.  Exactly what I like in a free software program.  Normally I’m not a fan of Microsoft programs, and I’m sure I’ll be trying out some alternatives to WLW, but for the moment, I think this is an amazing tool, and something that might actually make me keep blogging regularly.


Back for a while.

Well, my site has been shut down due to lack of payment. In this economy having money to eat on is hard enough, not to mention money to pay for silly domain names so you look cool to your friends.


Temporary Shutdown

Which kind of describes my year so far. My father died on January 11, I found out a good friend of mine died a few days before Christmas and no one called me, and now another member of my family is in the hospital critically ill. I'm going to migrate my blog to my real website, http://www.antiquotidian.com, and just keep this here for traffic. It will probably be a few weeks before I get everthing moved, but see you there.